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Have a particular video you want to show in class? 
Need sub plans?
Maybe even last-minute ones?  

Enough of the busy work.  Assign engaging content videos and rest assured the students are working on something meaningful. 
Most guides also come with a digital-completion option for Google Slides! 

Here you will find video worksheets and answer guides that coincide with Garden of English's YouTube videos.


Note: Any item marked "Lang Chat" will be automatically

provided to those who choose to donate a minimum of $15 to the Coach Hall Writes/Garden of English Lang Chat scheduled for the dates that are marked.

You can sign up for these chats here: 

Unfortunately, there have been some recent...issues...  BUT we'll have them worked out by the 23-24 school year. 

So make sure you
COME BACK to HANG OUT with the content here.