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The Garden of English began as a simple classroom name that was meant to break up the monotony of the school day for students.  Scholars wouldn't have to go to "English Class"; they would go to the GOE.

Fast forward a few years, and the husband-and-wife duo of Timm and Jen contemplated starting a YouTube channel that offered instructional content at the premium price of FREE!  Harnessing Jen's expertise with media production and relations, and pairing it with Timm's charisma, the pair started the YouTube channel that has helped countless students and teachers world-wide.

Along the way, Timm has met many other awesome people that he cherishes as his friends who have inspired and helped him to become a better teacher, better colleague, and better man.  You'll meet many of them below.  From his high school English teacher to the former director of English content for the College Board, Timm (and Jen) are thrilled to work with everyone who is willing to be part of our production team. 

The entire team has multiple decades of collective AP®* Language and AP®* Literature teaching experience, and far more involvement in general English instruction.  Timm, Brandon, and Lauren authored the AMSCO Language and Composition text book, and Brandon was the senior author for the AMSCO Literature text book. Scott has written curriculum for SparkNotes, Beth Hall runs her popular YouTube channel, and all of the many on the team have worked with multiple other education companies and initiatives.  

At the GOE, as a team we believe that we don't teach English (or any other subject for that matter); rather, we teach students: living, breathing, thoughtful humans.


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