Timm Freitas

Timm Freitas founded the Garden of English and is the senior consultant. Always willing to help, all you need to do is reach out.


Who's the best in the English business? Brandon Abdon. The GOE is lucky to have him as its primary Lit consultant!

Scott Diesenhaus

If you've ever wanted to meet Gandalf, but then realized he doesn't exist, you're in luck. Scott Diesenhaus is a grand wizard of learning and can easily take Gandalf's place in the English realm. Scott is an independent consultant for the GOE.

Jennifer Freitas

Jen is a social media guru. In fact, if you've ever connected with the GOE online, it's probably because of her incredible efforts. Probably the most-behind-the-scenes member of the team, she also deserves the greatest amount of credit for running the show.

Lauren Peterson

Lauren is the brains behind much of Timm's current work (especially with Perfection Learning). They became friends when co-authoring a book and they haven't looked back since. She's an amazing teacher and is one of the GOE's independent consultants.

(Coach) Beth Hall!

If you've been around the AP® English Youtube Block, you've visited Coach Hall Writes! The GOE is blessed to have her as one of its independent tutors.

Crystal Laliberte

Crystal and Timm met many years ago at a lit teacher training. Since then they have worked together on numerous occasions as consultants for multiple education initiatives. Crystal's energy and knowledge base is incredibly contagious and engaging. Crystal is another one of the GOE's independent consultants.

Kennedy Wagner

Originally a student in the GOE, Kennedy has become it's--almost--exclusive artist. Kennedy has designed every poster for the GOE, most of the t-shirts, and even made the Mosaic Conference design on her own.